My life started out normal enough, I was a happy kid running around playing TV Freeze Tag with friends and cousins in rural TN.  At some point, the child-like fascination with Dinosaurs and Insects kicked into a real knack for science.  High School would only increase my Nerd Points as I was very involved with Marching and Stage Band and a member of the School Chess Team.  I graduated in 2001 during the collapse of the Dot-Com Bubble, a shame since I had dedicated my last year towards the IT field.  Fast forward to the last few years.  I rediscovered comic books after moving to a new city that had a great Local Comic Shop and I was a loyal reader for 2+ years, but it has been hard lately.  There are so many great comics out there and so little time.  The biggest impact to my regular reading was finishing my Associates Degree while being a stay-at-home Dad.  I do love playing some video games and tabletop games.  Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, and Diablo 3 are a constant in my game rotation right now.  Settlers of Catan has been the family favorite for ages, but a new game (Dig Down Dwarf) is quickly replacing it.