Friends (Wednesday Poetry Break)

Two people on paths that wind
continuously around and about
Through cities and years, friends
both old and new, and much more.
Schoolmates, roommates, Best “Man”
by my side in the Maternity Ward.
These paths aren’t running concurrent
and who can really know why?
This I do know: If I need you, you’ll be there
because we’ll always be friends.

Doyle R. Clark II
January 14, 2015

Saphir shoe rescue

As I purchased them from eBay. $24 (shipping included)
No treatment close up.
Saphir Renovateur applied to shoe on left versus untreated shoe on right.
After an application of Saphir Pate De Luxe wax shoe polish (mahogany).
After polishing with a horsehair brush.
Close up shot of a weekend’s work.
Before (left) and after (right).
Before (left) and after (right).


Cinema Style: Back to the Future Part 2

I decided that starting today and continuing every 2nd Friday of the month, I will give you a movie to check out as it relates to men’s style.  Since it is such a popular franchise, I picked Back to the Future II for this month.  Relating to style, this one is a joke of course.  But since the movie gave us a wild glimpse of 2015 way back then, I think we can all take a deep breathe and be glad that we don’t actually dress like that.


There is at least one thing from Back to the Future Part 2 that most guys would like to add to the casual side of their closets: Nike MAGs.  Those futuristic self-lacing shoes.  It’s no surprise that Nike is actually working on a model to be released later this year.

Also, next week starts Pitti Uomo.  It is a men’s fashion show that runs twice a year.  Some of the style’s will be outlandish, I’m sure, but I do like seeing some things make a come back.  Double breasted jackets for example.  With that said, I’ll do a little write up for the show for the guys that don’t have the time to wade through all the junk.  Until then, “synchronize your watches”…

Back to the Future Part II


Mail Check – January 8th 2015

Today, my small order of Saphir shoe care products came in from Kirby Allison’s Hanger Project.


Saphir Renovateur: a replenishing cream and Saphir Pate de Luxe (Mahogany): a wax and pigment polish.
As soon as these stabilize to indoor temperatures, I’ll put these to work on a pair of Italian made Johnston & Murphy loafers. Before, after, and in-between pictures will be posted.


Happiness (A poem for my wife)

Coral pink lips that only give me truth
Eyes of swirling caramel and chocolate
That only see the best of who I am
A heart that holds all my love and trust
Hands and arms that cradle my child
A temper that’s mild and wild
Brains and conversation a must
Tears that could break the damn
And I wouldn’t ever try to stop it
Squandered time and wasted youth

Mistakes in our past
Eternity ahead
A love that will last
I thee wed

The vows were made
The songs were played
Two people in love
And never deprived of


Doyle R. Clark II
January 7, 2015

What goes with what?

What goes with what?

I was going through documents and pictures and whatnot and happened across this little diagram I had found a few years ago.  I wish I could give proper credit, but I’m not sure who the original creator of this chart is.

How it works:

It’s pretty basic.  Look at the pants at the top and then go straight down and this chart attempts to tell you what goes with them.  Most of these seem obvious, but others are often overlooked.  For example, for those just getting started, you may not be fully aware of the difference between a “Dress Shirt” and an “Open Collar Button Down”.  FYI: OCBD = Open Collar Button Down.  As a side note: since I did a quick search and the information doesn’t seem readily available, I’ll tell you here that an Open Collar Button Down shirt is one where the collar points can button to the shirt (and should) but the top button is not to be buttoned.  Most men agree that if the fit is right on the shirt and weather permitting you may unbutton the second button too.  This is very casual, but I have personally seen men button one all the way up and wear a tie with it…. please don’t.

OCBD vs Dress ShirtI also wish there were more shoe options on the list, but if you notice you can readily see what two shoes you should look to invest a few dollars in.  Definitely get a pair of high quality loafers and brown brogues.  Allen Edmonds makes both of these in many styles.  I like the McAllisters and the Waldens.


There’s another thing on the chart I’d like to clarify.  It calls out the difference between a Sport Coat and a Blazer.  Generally, blazers have metal buttons with a little design or crest on them.  However, blazers are now being made that have horn or synthetic buttons.  I wouldn’t worry too much about the difference between the two.  Anyways, I have another very interesting chart somewhere that I’ll share with you soon.  It’s an interesting look at matching pants with sport coats and blazers.

Mail Check – Brooks Brothers Sale 2014

Brooks Brothers Belt Socks Pocket SquareTan/Brown Chino Belt: $28.90, Madras Gingham Pocket Square: $10.20, and Lavender Filo Di Scozia Dress Crew Socks: $8.29

It’s hard to pass up on one of the brands you love and trust when they have a big sale on your birthday and family has given you a gift card.