Mail Check: Tie and Watch Band

Tie: Brooks Brothers paisley.  $8.00 eBay find and a gorgeous group of colors.  Watch band to change things up with my regular watch.  It’s cheap, but it fits me and the watch: $1.86 shipped from China.  It’s very lightweight, which I like because the watch is so heavy.

Brooks Brothers Tie and Black and Red Watch BandUpdate: See this tie featured in one of my YouTube Q&A videos.


Mail check: Brooks Brothers Pocket Square

Won an auction on eBay for this great looking, brand new (original packaging and wrappings) pocket square from Brooks Brothers.  It’s plaid with pink, blue, white, and navy.  Should go great with a pink tie or a navy tie.  Price with shipping: $9.25, retail: $20.00

Brooks Brothers Plaid Pocket Square

Men’s Style Q and A 01

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A first for me, a video where I answer your style questions. These questions came to me via Facebook over the course of ten days.  It would be nice if they picked up.  I titled this one Men’s Style Q and A 01, and it would be great if I could go on to do a 02.

What goes with what?

What goes with what?

I was going through documents and pictures and whatnot and happened across this little diagram I had found a few years ago.  I wish I could give proper credit, but I’m not sure who the original creator of this chart is.

How it works:

It’s pretty basic.  Look at the pants at the top and then go straight down and this chart attempts to tell you what goes with them.  Most of these seem obvious, but others are often overlooked.  For example, for those just getting started, you may not be fully aware of the difference between a “Dress Shirt” and an “Open Collar Button Down”.  FYI: OCBD = Open Collar Button Down.  As a side note: since I did a quick search and the information doesn’t seem readily available, I’ll tell you here that an Open Collar Button Down shirt is one where the collar points can button to the shirt (and should) but the top button is not to be buttoned.  Most men agree that if the fit is right on the shirt and weather permitting you may unbutton the second button too.  This is very casual, but I have personally seen men button one all the way up and wear a tie with it…. please don’t.

OCBD vs Dress ShirtI also wish there were more shoe options on the list, but if you notice you can readily see what two shoes you should look to invest a few dollars in.  Definitely get a pair of high quality loafers and brown brogues.  Allen Edmonds makes both of these in many styles.  I like the McAllisters and the Waldens.


There’s another thing on the chart I’d like to clarify.  It calls out the difference between a Sport Coat and a Blazer.  Generally, blazers have metal buttons with a little design or crest on them.  However, blazers are now being made that have horn or synthetic buttons.  I wouldn’t worry too much about the difference between the two.  Anyways, I have another very interesting chart somewhere that I’ll share with you soon.  It’s an interesting look at matching pants with sport coats and blazers.