Friends (Wednesday Poetry Break)

Two people on paths that wind
continuously around and about
Through cities and years, friends
both old and new, and much more.
Schoolmates, roommates, Best “Man”
by my side in the Maternity Ward.
These paths aren’t running concurrent
and who can really know why?
This I do know: If I need you, you’ll be there
because we’ll always be friends.

Doyle R. Clark II
January 14, 2015

Happiness (A poem for my wife)

Coral pink lips that only give me truth
Eyes of swirling caramel and chocolate
That only see the best of who I am
A heart that holds all my love and trust
Hands and arms that cradle my child
A temper that’s mild and wild
Brains and conversation a must
Tears that could break the damn
And I wouldn’t ever try to stop it
Squandered time and wasted youth

Mistakes in our past
Eternity ahead
A love that will last
I thee wed

The vows were made
The songs were played
Two people in love
And never deprived of


Doyle R. Clark II
January 7, 2015