As of the results of the November 2018 Election, in which State Senator Mark Green won the Congressional Seat for District 7, and now having been inaugurated, his previously held seat for State Senate District 22 is empty. I will be running for this seat in the special election to be held April 23, 2019. I will be an independent candidate because I feel this is the most ethical choice for me. There are stances on both sides of the very divided politic stage that I agree with, as well as many that I disagree with. I feel that Montgomery, Houston, and Stewart Counties would best be served by a candidate that isn’t “owned” by either major political party. A candidate that was born in Houston County and raised just outside the limits of Cumberland City. A candidate that isn’t barely meeting the residency requirements, but one who has lived and worked in Montgomery County for the past 12 years.

If elected I will fight for:
Farms &
Small Business

Vote – 4-23-2019

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