starcraft 2 heart of the swarm: primal Zerg

The Primal Zerg of Starcraft (and what they could mean)

In StarCraft 2 Heart of the Swarm, we are introduced to the Primal Zerg of Starcraft’s fictional universe.  The Primal Zerg story paints a more in-depth origin of the Zerg species and gives rise to some speculation for the remaining Protoss story line.

Primal Zerg Origins

As the Heart of the Swarm story unfolds, the Protoss Dark Templar Zeratul reveals the origins of the Zerg to Kerrigan and encourages her to seek them out to make herself stronger.  From games past we know that the Xel’Naga, a mysterious alien race presumed extinct, created both the Zerg and the Protoss.  These two races were created with two very different focuses; the Zerg were focused on physical perfection, while the Protoss were focused on mental perfection.  Players have seen the Zerg evolve and get stronger and more specialized against their enemies, but always at the direction of a hive mind.  In the original StarCraft that hive mind was The Overmind, but before being mostly destroyed by the Protoss Templar Tassadar, it had created its successor; The Queen of Blades.  Anyone familiar with the StarCraft universe knows all too well the story of Sarah Kerrigan and her transformation into The Queen of Blades.

The planet Zerus is the newly discovered home world of the Zerg, inhabited by the Primal Zerg who have never known a hive mind.  They are free from the influence of Amon, the Fallen One, the Xel’Naga that created The Overmind.  In appearance the Primal Zerg of StarCraft resemble dinosaurs, much more so than the chitinous almost insect-like Zerg players are accustomed to.

Primal Zerg of StarCraft


What does this mean for the Protoss?

This forgotten sub-race of Zerg could mean a likely parallel in the Protoss expansion.  Long time players are very accustomed to the various dislocated tribes of Protoss.  Some of these are very maligned against the greater Protoss force, but still share the common roots we know from Protoss lore.  Could there be a lost world of mystic Protoss even more telepathic than those we have encountered?  Maybe.  I’m not entirely sure I expected to see Primal Zerg in StarCraft 2 Heart of the Swarm, but I did.  It was a large chunk of the story and some of the most interesting gameplay.

Primal Zerg of StarCraft: More questions than answers.

For me, Heart of the Swarm raised more questions than it gave answers.  Which is to say, it did everything that a middle chapter should.  My own preferences aside, I am more excited for the next StarCraft game than I was before. Another question to ponder:  Will Blizzard stop with the Protoss expansion, or will there be more?  Leave your thoughts as a comment below or on my FaceBook page.  Also, what did you think of the Primal Zerg of StarCraft?