Krayt Dragon Lightsaber part 1

After the huge reception my Obi-Wan costume, which included a “kitchen sink saber”, got one year for Halloween I decided it’s time to build another lightsaber.  A Krayt Dragon Lightsaber.  First, a little history about my first lightsaber.  The “kitchen sink saber” is a build that relies heavily on plumbing equipment.  A drain and pipe for the main body and emitter with a knob for the pommel.  With a few exceptions, my build is easily disassembled.  A “kitchen sink saber” is a build modeled after the inspiration from Obi-Wan’s original lightsaber, which was mostly plumbing parts with a couple additions.

Kitchen Sink Saber

Very early on, I decided that I wanted to to make something much more unique.  Here is where I came up with the theme of a Krayt Dragon Lightsaber.  I’m no Star Wars fan-fic writer, but I thought to myself “What if Obi-Wan’s lightsaber had gotten damaged on Tattoine?”  So was born the idea of a lightsaber modeled after the beast he imitates in his first moments on screen.  Thank funky sound you hear as he makes his appearance?  He’s imitating a Krayt Dragon to scare away the Tusken Raiders.  I thought a carved pommel in the shape of a Krayt Dragon’s head might be amazing.  Also, a Krayt Dragon pearl for the primary focusing crystal.  I came back to this sketch and wrote out the word Krayt in aurebesh script, the written form of Galactic Basic Standard.  The intention was to originally have the script etched or engraved down the body of the saber.  I want this saber to seem very functional and include not only a viewable crystal chamber, but also allow the removal of the crystal.  Crystals may crack or weaken over time, leading to saber failure or explosion.  It only seems logical that a crystal should be removable without too much effort.  For a full explanation of lightsabers, including their mechanics and history, head over to Wookiepedia.

Krayt Dragon Lightsaber Illustrations

In the next illustration I tried to piece together a basic hilt with my ideas.  I decided that for a more authentic feel, a leather wrap of some sort should be added towards the emitter.  Maybe it could be a strip of leather left over from killing a Krayt Dragon.  I would like to think that a Jedi would not just kill the beast for the pearl, but would also use it’s hide as leather for clothes or repairs.  I decided on a traditional location for the on/off switch and had decided that a potentiometer to control volume of effects and brightness of blade would be best placed in the same area as the on/off switch.  Very traditional.  I thought about this more and more and have decided that this tuning knob should be somewhere it could not be accidentally turned during combat.

Krayt Dragon Illustrations 02

Here I’m getting a basic feel for dimension with regards to a pop-out crystal chamber.  I also added a guard towards the emitter and a wide stripe of non-slip coating towards the pommel.  I like the idea of brass for the guard, but I’m shying away from machining any parts or having them machined.  I want something that could actually be assembled by a Jedi from whatever he or she may find in some spare parts bins and a couple trashcans.  A Jedi stuck on a planet would have a lot of time to scavenge for great parts, but would usually lack the technical knowledge to sit down with machinist equipment and lathe out a new lightsaber hilt.  At this point I’ve decided that a large, 1″ diameter, clear marble should make a believable Krayt Dragon Pearl.  As shown in the first illustration, it would be separately lit to match the color of the blade I go with.

Krayt Dragon Illustrations 03

Krayt Dragon Illustrations 04

I decided that the most logical place for the aurebesh engraving would be the brass guard.  The illustrations do not reflect it, because it has not been a major factor yet, but I plan on placing the attaching ring on the pommel.  When hanging from a belt, the word Krayt would be legible this way.

These are currently the only illustrations I have.  I want to get a very detailed picture of how this is going to work together before I start spending money on parts.  I’ll be occasionally scavenging for some good inspiration and will post picture of anything I feel I can use.  This is going to be a detailed project that will take me many months, but will be worth it when I get to wield my very own Krayt Dragon lightsaber.