Epiphone SG Special Project

(updated – April 17, 2012) The Epiphone SG Special project is currently delayed pending parts.  This project is being moved to the back burner for a while.  When I start working on it again, I’ll start talking about it again.

Epiphone SG Special in Cherry Red.

Epiphone SG Special
Stock image from Musician’s Friend.

The color is amazing in person.  See my image below.  The paint job done at the factory is pretty flawless.  I had read that the paint may have several flaws in it.  I did decide to hang on to it stock for the full 45 day return period.  After the 45 days is up, however, I’ll be wiring in a set of TV Jones Powertrons.  Another decision I’ve made is to not install a Bigsby Vibrato.  I think the look would be amazing, and it is a future upgrade.  My initial plan regarding the vibrato was to install it, replacing the stop-tail bridge, and leave the tune-o-matic in place.  I think this would have resulted in nonstop tuning problems and frequent string breakage.  When I’m ready, I’ll make the change and also install a roller-bridge to decrease friction.

The tone of the stock pickups on the Epiphone SG Special aren’t too bad, but aren’t really anything to write home about.  The super-twang of the TV Jones paired with a solid body like this is going to be crazy.  I hope it’s not too much.

Epiphone SG Special
My personal Epiphone SG Special hanging on the wall.