The goings on of late

So, since my daughter was born, things have been hectic. Earlier this week I found the time to sit down and put a simple plan on paper. This plan calls for a new post on this site every Friday. I do hope I can stick to that. I had so many topics and plans. Maybe I should say I had too many topics and plans.

What else has been going on? A simple question with a pretty simple answer. If you did not already know, I am a Freemason. So the last couple months I have also been editing some very out of print books on the subject. The Antiquities of Free-Masonry and The Star in the East can be purchased on right now and later on Speaking of Freemasonry, I also manage my local Lodge’s website: and our Facebook page.

Oh, yeah, I also run for those interested in Freemasonry and for those interested in Geeky/Nerdy stuff. So by no means am I slacking around. The simple plan I reference above includes updates for everything! Luckily I broke it all down to just one or two tasks a day to keep them all updated. I know there are people that check out this site just for goings on or clothing stuff, and I’m pretty sure there are some that click over here for the geeky/nerdy stuff. There may even be people coming here looking for Masonic things. Well, the lines will definitely be blurring over the next few weeks but I will do my best to push out the best content to the appropriate sites.

What do I have planned for the immediate future? I’m so glad you asked. There are a couple questions out there regarding Fashion that I plan on answering on my YouTube channel.* I hate to sound mysterious, but there may (or may not) be video or audio updates coming to AnonymousGeek. If there is, then you’ll hear about it there. Otherwise, you can expect to find this site updated every single Friday with the best content I can offer, even if it’s just a link to a YouTube video answering one of your questions.

*About my personal YouTube channel. I do have so many other projects I work on and decided that for SeekingMoreLight and the promotion of my books, I will be using my personal channel instead of creating a new one. It’s one of things where I don’t have the energy or desire to create a brand new channel and try to offer content on both. Also, SML and my books are very personal things to me and it’s just makes sense that they find a home on my own channel. YouTube should be implementing some changes which will make this a no-brainer choice. Hopefully soon.