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Red Blossom Tea Company – Dragonwell Spring 2010 Green Tea

During our honeymoon to San Francisco, CA my wife and I traveled to China Town with one real purpose: to buy tea from the Red Blossom Tea Company I had heard so much about.  The experience was amazing.  Red Blossom Tea Co. has an amazing store.  It’s very upscale and trendy when compared to the shops surrounding it.  I did not take pictures of the shop, because I did not want to seem forward or rude.  On to the tea.

Red Blossom Tea - Dragonwell Spring 2010

The Dragonwell Spring 2010 from Red Blossom Tea is a green tea.  While my experience with green teas is minimal, this is the best I have had to date.  Caution should be used when preparing this, or any, loose tea.  It really is a delicate thing.  Red Blossom have great instruction for preparing their teas on their site.  The staff are also a great help in the store.