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What to Wear? – Green Tweed – Part 7

In the final installment of this series, where I ask the question: What to wear?, I’ll reveal the last few days of my wardrobe choices for February and share what I’ve learned along the way.

What to Wear? (part 7)

February 22nd – 24th

Spring cleaning reared it’s head and I found myself in work pants and t-shirts trapped in the house for a few days.

February 25th
what to wear
Black Sweater Vest with Striped Shirt
what to wear
Chinos with Black shoes

Monday night at the college.  I’m wearing a very planned out outfit here.  With the dramatic temperature changes we’ve been going through, I wanted to be ready for anything.  Not pictured: Scarf and Cap.  Layering is such a good thing.  It makes going from your warm cozy home to the freezing cold to an overheated campus manageable.

February 26th
what to wear
Green Tweed Sport Coat with Argyle Vest and Green Tie
what to wear
Light Brown Slacks with Brown Captoes
what to wear
Detail of the Green Tie

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot of sunshine, so the color on the green tweed sport coat is not nearly as handsome as it really is.  Tweed, in my opinion, is one of the most wonderful fabrics a man can wear.  It’s certainly the most interesting.  I wore this particular outfit to a meeting with my Fraternity.

February 27th
what to wear
Navy Cardigan with Yellow Tie

Another night at college.  Let me add, another cold night at college.  This particular Navy Cardigan is 100% Wool and Made in the U.S.A.  Let me reiterate that it is hands down the warmest garment I own.  Pair it with a scarf and a hat and that’s all I need unless it’s raining.  This yellow tie is one of my favorites.  It has a very subtle striping to it in the same color.  It gives it texture and character.  One of the advanced tips for dressing well is to use texture to your advantage.  Texture, when used effectively, will mature your character and elevate your style.

February 28th
blue button-down
Heavy weight blue button-down
Dark Brown Cords
Dark Brown Cords

Nothing particular to write about.  I believe something came up and a Committee Meeting with my Fraternity was rescheduled so the family went out to dinner.

What I’ve learned this month:

I learned a lot this month.  Taking pictures of what you’re going out in (or even staying home in) definitely makes you think a little more about what to wear.  It’s one thing if five classmates are going to see how you dressed that day, but it’s an altogether different thing when it’s posted publicly to the internet and anyone with a connection can see you.

Ok, here we go, here’s a top ten list of what I learned about how I dressed in the month of February, in no particular order:

  1. Khaki Chinos are invaluable, own a couple pairs.
  2. Pair interesting (color or pattern) neckties with otherwise uninteresting combinations.
  3. Tweed is the most subtle way to add color to your ensemble.
  4. Cords (corduroy pants) are almost as invaluable as Chinos, own a couple pairs in different colors.
  5. Cool weather requires an extensive amount of sweaters, sweater vests, and cardigans.
  6. If the weather is cold, and you don’t own a winter-weight suit, then get yourself an overcoat.
  7. If you own a Navy Suit or Blazer or a Gray Suit or Sport Coat (any shade of gray), then you should own a Pink Tie.
  8. The lines between Business Casual and Informal Social are blurry, if they exist at all.
  9. It never hurts to dress a notch or two above what’s expected.
  10. Shoes can be as important as the shirt you’re wearing, so be mindful of both.

This article has brought this series to a close.  I hope I managed to help you answer the all important question: “What to wear?”




What to Wear? – Part 5 – Tweed

What to Wear? (part 5)

February 12th
what to wear
Black Slacks with Black Wingtips
what to wear
White Spread Collar Shirt, Red & Black Tie, Black Sweater Vest, and Tweed Sport Coat.

My Fraternity hosted several out of state visitors that night, most of which were dressed in the standard Khaki/Gray Pants with Navy Blazer and conservative necktie.  I was glad to keep things conservative, but still stand out a bit.  This particular Tweed Sport Coat, which I will leave unnamed in this post, will be featured in an upcoming post all about thrifting.  If interested in the necktie, here’s a link to buy your own: 100% Silk Woven Red and Black Striped Tie.

February 13th
Plaid shirt
Blue, Green, & Cream Plaid
Dark Brown Cords
Dark Brown Cords with Dark Brown Casual Shoes

Back to school in the middle of the week.  Nothing much to say here, except that my brown socks finally came in.  I’ve got some pretty long feet so I usually have to order my socks.  The particular pair I’m wearing here are: Gold Toe Men’s Microfiber Fashion 3 Pack,Khaki/Sahara/Brown,10-13 (with the exception that I’m actually wearing the 12-16 size)

February 14th
Flogging Molly at the Marathon Music Works in Nashville, TN
Flogging Molly at the Marathon Music Works in Nashville, TN
what to wear
Black Shirt
what to wear
Tan Cords with Black Square Toe Shoes

An awesome Valentine’s Day with my wife.  My best friend got us tickets to the Valentine’s Day Flogging Molly concert at the Marathon Music Works in Nashville, TN.  We had a blast.  Normally I would be in clothing a little more beer spill resistant, but being Valentine’s Day we went to dinner before hitting the show.

February 15th – February 17th
what to wear
Works Pants and PJ Pants with a T-shirt

This might be a good time to mention that I broke one of my toes on the 11th.  So, Friday through Sunday I took the weekend to relax and catch up on homework.  Being who I am though, I was very ready to set the standards high in class on Monday.

February 18th
what to wear
Blue Shirt with Striped Tie, Cream Sweater, and Navy Cardigan
what to wear
Khaki Chinos with Dark Brown Casual Shoes

After a three day weekend of relaxed dressing, I was very ready to step things up a notch.  Monday has become the day I wear a necktie to college.  I’m hoping to continue the trend throughout the semester.  It was also a very cold and rainy night, so I was very appreciative of all the layers.

Stay with me for another 10 days as we wrap up the month of February.  If this is the first part you’ve read, go back and read them all!

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