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What to Wear? – Part 2 – Power Tie

What to Wear? (part 2)

February 3rd
What to wear
Khaki chinos and dark brown lace-up shoes.
What to wear
Light blue checked dress shirt, power stripe tie, and navy cardigan.
what to wear
Light blue checked dress shirt.

For some context, this was Super Bowl Sunday.  The wife and I went out to the grocery store for a few items.  The tie went on because I wasn’t satisfied with the way the collar looked unbuttoned on this particular shirt.  The navy cardigan above is 100% Wool and probably the warmest article of clothing I own.  I reserve it for the coldest days.  It looks great, keeps me warm, and replaces a much heavier jacket.

February 4th
what to wear
Khaki Chinos and black square toe shoes.
what to wear
Casual sport shirt.

Mondays are days that I get to enjoy college campus life.  I have never seen a shirt so loud with such muted colors.  This shirt may have a Western-Inspired plaid going on, it’s cut and fit is more business casual.  However, it’s pattern would make me squeamish to wear it in a true business casual setting.  In a true business casual setting, you should wear a shirt that you could wear a tie with.  Business casual doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t wearing a tie.  Food for thought.

February 5th


Navy Work Pants
Navy work pants with brown slip on shoes.
Sky blue light sweater
Sky blue light sweater.

An unusual Tuesday for me today.  Nothing social on the calendar, leaving me to hit the books, do some homework, and try out a new recipe for Manicotti.  Those brown leather slip on shoes I paid around $10.00 for and are my standard mulling around the house shoe on relaxed days.  Also, my go to shoe for dog walking.

(part 1) feat. a casual blue button-down

(part 3) feat. Tan Cords and Brown Casual Shoes

(part 4) feat. a Med. Gray Suit with Floral Tie

(part 5) feat. a Tweed Sport Coat with a Vest and Power Tie

(part 6) feat. a Med. Gray Suit with Pink Tie

(part 7) feat. a Green Tweed Sport Coat