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What to Wear? – Part 3 – Corduroy

What to Wear? (part 3)

February 6th
what to wear
Light Tan Corduroys and Dark Brown Lace Ups.
what to wear
Light Green Polo.

Another warm day in Tennessee.  The V-neck undershirt peaking out is a matter out for debate.  Initial feelings are that I’ve lost too much weight for this shirt.  The collar is very open now and the alternative is going to be wearing it without an undershirt.  The versatility of a good set of Cords (Corduroy Pants) should not be underestimated.  They go from casual to sport to business casual effortlessly.  The traditional colors for them are the more earthy tan or chocolate brown.  I don’t feel that the purpose and scope of this specific series is going to allow me to touch on “sport” dress with the detail it deserves.  A common misconception is that sport refers to golfing clothes.  It does, but it’s so much more than that.  If you enjoy shooting sporting clays, that’s a sport too.  Sporting dress can include clothes that are lightweight and allow a full range of motion (such as would be used for golf) or clothes that are rugged and snag resistant (such as would be used for Upland Hunting).  What to wear for these sports and occasions is important and deserving their own articles.

February 7th
what to wear
Comic Book Hooded Sweatshirt.
Navy Work Pants
Navy Work Pants with Brown Slip Ons

Thursday turned out to be another intense study day for me.  Got to love the comic book sweatshirt.  It keeps my geek/nerd credit high.

Today wraps up the first week of February and the first week of the “What Am I Wearing?” series.  Going forward this series will be updated biweekly on Mondays and Thursdays.  Updating twice a week is going to give me the opportunity to post the new pics and start to point out trends and nitpick myself for your benefit.  Topics will include socks, shoe styles, and pant choices.

(part 1) feat. a casual blue button-down

(part 2) feat. a Navy Cardigan and Power Tie

(part 4) feat. a Med. Gray Suit with Floral Tie

(part 5) feat. a Tweed Sport Coat with a Vest and Power Tie

(part 6) feat. a Med. Gray Suit with Pink Tie

(part 7) feat. a Green Tweed Sport Coat