What Am I Wearing

What to Wear? – Part 4 – Floral Tie

What to Wear? (part 4)

February 8th
what to wear
Medium Gray Suit with Floral Necktie
what to wear
Medium Gray Suit with Burgundy Captoe Shoes

Use the second picture of my leg as a proper indication of the jacket’s color.  I took these pictures after dark inside without the aid of natural light.  The particular occasion was a recognition dinner at my Fraternity.  The atmosphere called for a suit, but did not demand a sense of business.  Hence, I made some subtle changes to the standard wearing of a gray business suit to fit with a more social occasion.

  • Burgundy shoes (with matching belt) instead of black.
  • A white shirt instead of the usual blue or subtle pattern.
  • A floral tie instead of a more conservative stripe or solid pattern.

Understanding the impression that small differences can make such as a floral tie versus a conservative stripe will cause you to stand out in a very positive way.  The biggest impact you will see is in job interviews or work presentations.  Presenting yourself in a manner that is well put together can leave a lasting impression on the people you need to impress.

February 9th
What Am I Wearing
Khaki Chinos with Black Square Toe Shoes
What Am I Wearing
Yellow Button Down with Blue Stripes

Heading out to dinner with a friend.  For the casual environment, it really is hard to go wrong with Khaki Chinos.

February 10th
what to wear
Black Work Pants with Black Gym Shoes
what to wear
Green Plaid Shirt

A Sunday of studying and test taking with some good food and good television later that night.

February 11th
what to wear
Blue Shirt with Yellow Necktie and Brown Argyle Vest
what to wear
Light Brown Slacks with Dark Brown Casual Shoes.

Monday night classes.  However, the desired affect was attained.  Upon entering the college I made a great impression on the Director of IT.  For all I know I could be interviewing with him in just a few months time for a job at the college.  Keeping yourself dressed at a level above the rest can pay off unexpectedly.

(part 1) feat. a casual blue button-down

(part 2) feat. a Navy Cardigan and Power Tie

(part 3) feat. Tan Cords and Brown Casual Shoes

(part 5) feat. a Tweed Sport Coat with a Vest and Power Tie

(part 6) feat. a Med. Gray Suit with Pink Tie

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