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What to Wear? – Part 5 – Tweed

What to Wear? (part 5)

February 12th
what to wear
Black Slacks with Black Wingtips
what to wear
White Spread Collar Shirt, Red & Black Tie, Black Sweater Vest, and Tweed Sport Coat.

My Fraternity hosted several out of state visitors that night, most of which were dressed in the standard Khaki/Gray Pants with Navy Blazer and conservative necktie.  I was glad to keep things conservative, but still stand out a bit.  This particular Tweed Sport Coat, which I will leave unnamed in this post, will be featured in an upcoming post all about thrifting.  If interested in the necktie, here’s a link to buy your own: 100% Silk Woven Red and Black Striped Tie.

February 13th
Plaid shirt
Blue, Green, & Cream Plaid
Dark Brown Cords
Dark Brown Cords with Dark Brown Casual Shoes

Back to school in the middle of the week.  Nothing much to say here, except that my brown socks finally came in.  I’ve got some pretty long feet so I usually have to order my socks.  The particular pair I’m wearing here are: Gold Toe Men’s Microfiber Fashion 3 Pack,Khaki/Sahara/Brown,10-13 (with the exception that I’m actually wearing the 12-16 size)

February 14th
Flogging Molly at the Marathon Music Works in Nashville, TN
Flogging Molly at the Marathon Music Works in Nashville, TN
what to wear
Black Shirt
what to wear
Tan Cords with Black Square Toe Shoes

An awesome Valentine’s Day with my wife.  My best friend got us tickets to the Valentine’s Day Flogging Molly concert at the Marathon Music Works in Nashville, TN.  We had a blast.  Normally I would be in clothing a little more beer spill resistant, but being Valentine’s Day we went to dinner before hitting the show.

February 15th – February 17th
what to wear
Works Pants and PJ Pants with a T-shirt

This might be a good time to mention that I broke one of my toes on the 11th.  So, Friday through Sunday I took the weekend to relax and catch up on homework.  Being who I am though, I was very ready to set the standards high in class on Monday.

February 18th
what to wear
Blue Shirt with Striped Tie, Cream Sweater, and Navy Cardigan
what to wear
Khaki Chinos with Dark Brown Casual Shoes

After a three day weekend of relaxed dressing, I was very ready to step things up a notch.  Monday has become the day I wear a necktie to college.  I’m hoping to continue the trend throughout the semester.  It was also a very cold and rainy night, so I was very appreciative of all the layers.

Stay with me for another 10 days as we wrap up the month of February.  If this is the first part you’ve read, go back and read them all!

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