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What to Wear? – Pink Tie – Part 6

What to Wear? (part 6)

February 19th
what to wear
Medium Gray Suit with Light Blue Button Down and Patterned Pink Necktie
what to wear
Medium Gray Suit with Burgundy Captoe Shoes

Tuesday marked a night with my Fraternity.  The weather turned very cold just before I left.  Which reminds me of a common complaint I hear regarding the wearing of a sport coat or jacket.  “It’s just too hot.”  I assure you, I was very cold.  Perfect weather for a topcoat.  Unfortunately, living in Tennessee doesn’t afford a lot of opportunity for wearing a topcoat.  However, a trench raincoat comes in quite handy.  At least I hope it does since I just purchased one.

Topcoat aside, if I had checked the weather I would have worn a tweed sport coat with a sweater or sweater vest underneath.  I would have changed, but did not want to be late.  These burgundy Captoe shoes are very comfortable and have stayed in great shape the year or so I’ve owned them.  Get your own pair here: Rockport Men’s Editorial Offices Cap Toe Oxford,Burgundy Brush Off,9 M US.

February 20th

Sorry, no pictures for this day.  Fret not, I was only wearing some navy work pants with a t-shirt.  I was quite under the weather Wednesday.

February 21st
what to wear
Blue Button Down with Creamy Tan Sweater Vest
what to wear
Tan Cords with Dark Brown Casual Shoes

Don’t let these sunny pictures deceive you.  It started raining buckets very shortly afterwards.  This marked a very special business meeting.  Since it was a very informal business meeting I didn’t wear a necktie, sport coat or jacket.  I knew it was going to be standard casual, not business casual, and did not want to intimidate anyone present.  That doesn’t mean you can’t look nice though.

(part 1) feat. a casual blue button-down

(part 2) feat. a Navy Cardigan and Power Tie

(part 3) feat. Tan Cords and Brown Casual Shoes

(part 4) feat. a Med. Gray Suit with Floral Tie

(part 5) feat. a Tweed Sport Coat with a Vest and Power Tie

(part 7) feat. a Green Tweed Sport Coat


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