Updates abound

I haven’t posted an update at all this year.  Pretty embarrassing really.  The truth is, I’ve been preoccupied.  I have been doing all my article posts and whatnot on AnonymousGeek.com.  The purpose of doyleclark.com has not been reviews and how-to’s for many years, it’s just been the only space I’ve owned.  I can happily say that everything is falling into place now.  With all that said, I’ll be overhauling this website so that it provides easy to navigate links to where you can actually find what you’re looking for.  There will probably be a section of this site dedicated to the articles I publish (even if just summarized).  I think there may be a space on here reserved for my personal rants too… I have a tendency of posting Facebook updates that are WAY too long… LOL.

Speaking of rants…

I have discovered that I am totally underutilizing both LinkedIn AND About.Me.  About.Me is a great service I have been in love with since it’s launch, but they have expanded the usability of their site and service so much and I have just NOT kept up.  I regret that soooo much.  Also, LinkedIn which, let’s be honest here, used to be pretty lame.  If you were a “professional”, you had one.  Simple as that.  You told people where you worked, wanted to work, and what kind of education and skill you had.  So boring.  Some of the features implemented last year are pretty interesting.  I think LinkedIn has a lot of potential that it’s going to realize this year.  The catch with social sites is how do they get the users without turning into a Facebook clone or Myspace circa-2005… I don’t have that answer personally (if I did, I’d be living in a 5 million dollar house in San Francisco! …Eating much better sushi than I can get in Middle Tennessee… LOL), but I’m sure it has to do with money and advertising.

My personal Tumblr (another service I LOVE because it’s so intuitive and easy to use) has pretty much been a mirror for this site, in fact this article is being mirrored there (Or here if you’re reading this on Tumblr.) and I’m not really sure I have an angle for it yet.  My internet attention is already spreading thin, and I do have two other Tumblr accounts that I use.

Which brings me to Facebook… I have a personal Facebook account (who doesn’t?) and I have honestly have no idea why.  It brings me so much more stress than joy.  What’s the right kind of post for Facebook?  Pictures go to Instagram, short bursts of thought go to Twitter, longwinded rants belong on a blog (see above), and videos go to YouTube… all services that are keyed perfectly towards their formats, and most people (ages 18-45) have all of those accounts in addition to their Facebook.  It’s a question I ponder all the time.  I have a Public Facebook Page for anyone that cares to find me and it’s the one I link all over the internet and its purpose is very clear to me.

Well, keep following, subscribing, liking, re-blogging, loving, whatever… because big changes are coming as soon as I can get them all polished.

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