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I haven’t posted an update at all this year.  Pretty embarrassing really.  The truth is, I’ve been preoccupied.  I have been doing all my article posts and whatnot on AnonymousGeek.com.  The purpose of doyleclark.com has not been reviews and how-to’s for many years, it’s just been the only space I’ve owned.  I can happily say that everything is falling into place now.  With all that said, I’ll be overhauling this website so that it provides easy to navigate links to where you can actually find what you’re looking for.  There will probably be a section of this site dedicated to the articles I More >

Sailor Moon Mosaic

Convention Cosplayer

10 tips and rules for a comic convention


These are my 10 tips and rules for a comic convention, based on experience and common sense. Since all of these should be used the order has no big significance, but I will refer to number 1 occasionally. I decided to compile this little list after my experience at Wizard World Nashville and with Geek Media Expo coming up this weekend. (November 1-3) I learned most of these things by prepping for WonderCon ’11 and the others after making it through all three days of it. Whatever your next con may be, I hope you’ll remember these 10 things to make your experience memorable.

Number 1

A comic More >

Yi Soon Shin Banner Poster

YI SOON SHIN: Warrior and Defender


YI SOON SHIN: Warrior and Defender is the first arc of a three arc run about a 16th Century Korean Admiral. I discovered this indie book at Wizard World Nashville 2013. I purchased the book (in collected Hard Cover) and read it back at my hotel room the same night. This is the greatest historical comic I’ve ever read. The events and characters could be read about in a dry college text book, but through the magic of sequential art, you discover living, breathing characters and become an eye witness to some of the most interesting battles in Korea’s history.

Saavedra’s lettering with Timpano’s More >

Kristen Hughey and Ridd1e Wizard World Nashville

Wizard World Nashville 2013


This past weekend, I made the small journey to Nashville, TN for their very first Wizard World Nashville.  Looking back, it was a great time had with my wife and several friends.

Wizard World Nashville is the newest addition to the popular Wizard World convention tour.  For those curious, the next stop will be Austin, TX.  With a tag line of “Where Pop Culture Comes to Life” a Geek can almost know what to expect from the show.  Celebrities of popular (and long past) television shows and movies were a large feature with several popular artists and writers of a little medium known as Comic More >

Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft BETA


While I was in Nashville for the inaugural Wizard World Comic Con, I got an email from Blizzard welcoming me to the Hearthstone BETA.  I am still recovering from the Convention, which was the 2nd biggest Con I’ve been to (the largest so far, and my first, was WonderCon).  Be looking for several articles about Wizard World Nashville and, once I’ve tested through Hearthstone, a review of the Beta.

I eagerly await this game coming to iPad, but will suffer through it on my MacBook Pro for now.  All joking aside, it is one of the most exciting games, for me, to come from Blizzard in years.

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The Wolverine Movie Review

The Wolverine Movie Review


Let me begin by saying this: if you have NEVER read a Wolverine comic in your life then you will enjoy this movie. It flows nicely, the action is not extremely over the top, and adds a new depth to Logan’s, a.k.a. Wolverine’s, character.  On to The Wolverine movie review.


The movie begins in Nagasaki, Japan… I am sure you can figure out that Wolverine survies the explosion and if you are asking, ‘What explosion?’ then you need to go back and study history. Anyways, Logan saves a Japanese soldier named Yashida. Fast forward 68 years and Wolverine is living in a cave. Apparently he has More >

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